Wedding Flower Deposit

Regular price $ 250.00

We would love to work with you and design your beautiful and amazing flower creations! We work with your budget.

For example, if you budget is $ 1500-$2500 we sit down and go through your Pinterest and or photos of inspiration with you in detail and create your order with you according to your budget. 

The initial deposit to secure your wedding date in our calendar is $250.00

This deposit goes towards your total order including a mandatory $250.00 load/unload, set up, and  delivery fee as of 09/02/2019. The remaining balance of your order is due up to 1 month (30 days) prior to wedding date. You are welcome to change, add, or subtract to your order up until that 1 month (30 day) time period. 

To inquire please email us and include your date, venue, and a link to your Pinterest page OR 5-15 photos of inspiration so we can get a sense of your style and vision.

We work within your budget and include as many amazing pieces as possible within your budget so we encourage you to let us know upfront your budget goals for flowers. 

Please note:

Our minimum order requirement is $ 1200.00 as of 09/02/2019

This deposit is non refundable 

Current Average Price List

Bride Bouquet 195

Bridesmaids Bouquet 50

Men's Bout 10  

Mini bouquet *Called Nosegay- For Mom, Grandma, or Flower Girl 20 

Flower Girl Petals  $ 25.00

Small Centerpiece 20-40

Medium Centerpiece 45-65

Medium Large Centerpiece 65-95

Medium Large Arrangement 95-150

Large/Extra Large Arrangement 300-500

Grand Arch/Arbor Pieces 350-500

Aisle Petals 150-295

Garlands 20-35 per foot

**Prices subject to change

**Mandatory load in/out, set up, and delivery fee 250.00 as of 09/02/2019*** Your deposit covers this

**Floral tear down not included 

**taxes not included