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Clean Up & Tear Down

Regular price $ 395.00

*This service is included with our PLATINUM PACKAGE

This event breakdown service includes:

  • Assist client's designated person (normally parents) with packing personal items such as personal decor, cards, gifts, guest book in Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, & Reception Spaces
  • Work with caterer to remove all trash from cocktail and reception area
  • Work with caterer to pack plates, utensils, and glasses for rental company pick up 
  • Pack linen napkins and tablecloths for client or rental company
  • Floral Removal in Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, & Reception Spaces 
  • Charming Bridal Decor Removal 
  • Light sweeping of grounds *if venue requires 
  • Ensure all vendors & guests have left the venue 
  • Ensure caterer has cleaned kitchen thoroughly 
  • Perform final walk through with venue and make sure they are happy; Perform any final requests from venue 

 Please Note: 

We do not handle the following: 

Cleaning the Kitchen- Caterer is responsible for cleaning kitchen to venue's satisfaction but we are happy to help ensure they have everything they need. 

Bridal Party Suites - Bridal party is responsible for breaking down and removing personal items and trash in any getting ready or personal space such as a bridal suite or green room. 

Deep Cleaning- We normally do not include cleaning bathrooms, mopping, or vacuuming floors but please let us know if this is required by your venue. 

Alcohol & Food Removal - We normally do not handle tearing down alcohol or food, including desserts and cake. If there is left over alcohol or food, we are happy to throw it away for you, but we will not pack these items for you if you wish to keep the leftovers.

Removal of petals or confetti is not included

Please Note: We do not move tables, chairs, or any other heavy items for room flips or tear down, however, we can help direct and assist with this if you provide us with people to help.