Decor Closet

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Current Decor Collection: 

Assorted Votive Holders - Clear Glass, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver
*Votive candles are included
Clear Glass Taper Holders
*Tapers not provided 
Clear Glass Cylinder Candle Holders - Assorted Sizes
*Pillar Candles are included
Geometric Rose Gold Table Numbers 
Geometric Gold & Rose Gold Shapes 
Clear Glass Liquor Bottles 
Tall Eiffel Vases - Clear Glass 
Clear Glass Lanterns 
Champagne Flute Set - 1 Set 
Cake Knife Set 
Card Box - Black Wire 
Guest Book Pens & Sharpies 
Seating Chart Trellis- *White 
Assorted Vases - Clear Glass, Gold, Rose Gold  

Please Note:
Free use of our decor in our decor closet is included with our GOLD & PLATINUM Packages. 
**Inventory subject to change