Sample Flower Price List

Sample Flower Price List

Flowers are one of the most essential parts of your wedding!! 

We encourage you to not skimp whatsoever on flowers and let us create something amazing and unique just for you so you can enjoy looking at your photos for years to come!

Below is a copy of our current price list so you can get an idea of how much each flower item will cost and how much you should put aside for your wedding flowers. We recommend you put at least 10% of your total wedding budget aside for flowers. (approx $1200-1400+)


Bride's Bouquet 70-150

Bridesmaids Bouquets $ 50 each

Men's Bouts $10 each

Women's Corsages or Nosegays (mini bouquets)  $ 20 each

Flower Girl Petals $ 40 **your choice of color 


Petals to Line Aisle $ 150+

Chair Swags (floral or green pieces) $25-75 each *depending on size 

Garland for Arbor or Arch $ 100-350 *depending on length and fullness 

Swag (floral Piece for Arbor/arch/gazebo) $ 75-300 (large) $40-100  each (small-medium)

Arrangements for Pedestals or Wine Barrels $ 75-200 each * depending on size 


Cake Flowers $ 20

Special Cake Table Piece (swag) $ 50  (size small) 

Special Head Table Piece (swag) $ 50 (size small) 

Garlands $ 100-300 each *depending on length and fullness 

Centerpieces for Round Tables $ 25-35 each (size small) 

Centerpieces for Rectangle Tables ($ 60 each) (1 size medium and 2 small) 

Bud Vases $ 10 each

Petals & Crystals for Table Confetti $ 50 (each package- approx 10 round tables) **Your choice of color 


***Prices are subject to change

** This quote is for fresh (not artificial) flowers & greens and does not include more "expensive" stems such as lily of the valley, orchids, and more.

** Free Toss Bouquet included on all orders 

** All arrangements and bouquets include a free mason jar or simple glass vase

** After March 5, 2017 orders must make an $ 800 minimum order requirement

** Each order is subject to a delivery charge of $ 40-90  

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