Are Flowers Really That Important? Who Cares!?!?!

Are Flowers Really That Important? Who Cares!?!?!

This is the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God about the importance of flowers at your wedding or event.
For this blog I'll focus on weddings and point out how unbelievably important the use of Flowers, as many flowers as you possibly can do, at your event. 

Flowers create the look and feel of the environment. Aside from the dress, which you should never settle or skimp on, the single most important thing is FLOWERS.

I recommend Flowers, Flowers, and then more Flowers. 

"But I'm on a tight budget," you say. I totally understand that and of course I hear that a lot. I myself would be on a strict budget if I suddenly had to plan a big ol event, especially a wedding. BUT here is my argument. You DID decide to go through with hosting a wedding and decided against an elopement. So you know that you will have to spend money.

Not only will there be guests, possibly out of town or out of the country guests, who will be spending tons of money to see you and will see everything you've planned. They will notice every detail of the day and they will feel whatever environment you create for that day.  Not to mention, this is it. This is the BIG day. This is YOUR day that you've been waiting for. You finally met your mate and this is the most (or one of the most) significant days of your entire life!  This is your chance to host the wedding of your dreams and not settle or skimp. If you do not care about what your wedding looks or feels like, why have a wedding at all? Why blow any money on a day you don't care about?

I understand that we cannot all afford 5-10K or more in flowers and decor on our wedding day. I personally cannot afford that myself.  BUT there are ways save and still have the wedding of your dreams with the maximum amount of flowers that are needed to make that day spectacular! 

Here is what I personally recommend to all brides: 

During the ceremony, there may be a pergola, arch, arbor, gazebo, cross, barrels or pedestals, or a tree (or other item) as your background. Please please dress this up with fresh flowers! This makes such a big difference visually and gives you that romantic and soft look and feel that every bride desires and deserves on their wedding day. If you cannot afford a garland or a large flower piece with unlimited flowers, pick one or two smaller swags or one or two (or more) large arrangements to dress up the ceremony spot. EVERY guest will be looking directly at this area as you tie the knot and say your vows. This may be a 5 minute simple ceremony but you are doing something sacred and you want everyone present to see and feel that.  Be sure to dress this up as much as you humanly possibly can with fresh flowers or greens. If you don't know how or need some tips or ideas, contact us! We would love to help! 

I really recommend petals lining the ceremony aisle as well as shepherd hooks with bows, lanterns, small arrangements, or floral pomanders. Instead of shepherd hooks, you may decide to just put bows or green or floral swags on the chairs or the pews lining the aisle as well. Another idea is to put bud vases, wine bottles, or mason jar arrangements on the ground lining the aisle as well. This is something that is truly important. I do not personally recommend aisle runners or artificial petals as I believe this gives a "cheap" look and feel. I always recommend real petals. To save money, I recommend preserved petals. All of these things are more affordable than you may realize and we can work with you on pricing to make sure your wedding doesn't look like you've completely skimped. This is your one big day and you really want it to be everything you wish for. Let us help you do that! 

For the reception, I highly recommend fresh floral centerpieces for the tables. They do not have to be large but any fresh floral centerpieces are going to wow your guests if done right. I also recommend votive holders, and some sort of confetti such as sparkly crystals and real petals to sprinkle on the tables. These centerpieces can be small or simple, but fresh flowers make such a big difference in the look and feel of the reception. This is something you do not want to skimp on. 

I normally recommend AT LEAST 10 bud vases or small arrangements to have around the room so you can add them where needed as well in places such as the guest book table, buffet table, bar table, favors table, bathrooms, window sills, and other spots.

I absolutely recommend fresh garlands on any rectangle tables (especially farm tables) and on any pergolas, fireplaces, arches, arbors etc. however they can get pricey. If you have a place you really want to dress up but cannot afford a bunch of garlands, maybe order one or two garlands and then order several swags or floral pieces where you cannot add a garland. Green or flower swags are much more affordable than garlands. Other Flower Must Haves for the Big Day: Wreaths, Green or Floral Halos/Crowns, Small Swags for signs and other items, Cake Flowers, and of course bouquets, bouts & corsages! ! 

Our average flower orders cost between $600- $ 4000+ 

Even if you are on the lower end of that budget spectrum give us a call and let us help you come up with ideas and recommendations on flowers. I have been doing flowers and decorating churches and venues since I was a little girl with my mother. I have seen, been to and decorated countless weddings in and out of this country. I know that I know how big of a difference flowers make and you do not want to skimp on them.

Let us know how we can make your pinterest dreams come true within your budget! 

We would love to help! We can also help design, set up, decorate and be there during the day of the wedding to help as well! 

Be sure to contact us so we can get started working together. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Happy Planning! 


Charming Bridal 

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